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If you think it’s time for a new opener, we are happy to help you out. You will find that our staff knows their stuff when it comes to garage doors. In the endless world of garage door openers, our team in  at On Time Garage Doors is here to help you figure out which one is right for you.

Different Types of Garage Door Openers

There are a few different types of garage door openers, categorized by their opening mechanisms. We have laid out the different options for you to help you easily see which one will work for you. The four basic types of garage door openers:
  • Cable drive: chain drive openers work by a long chain that rotates to open and close your garage door. These are the most common openers. They are highly sought after for their low price tag, their strength, and their durability. The one downside to this type of opener is their noisy operation.
  • Belt drive: These work the same way as cable drive but the cable has been replaced with a belt, which makes it the quietest opener on the market. The belts are not as durable as cables and you might find yourself replacing them periodically.
  • Screw drive: These operate by a rotating screw rod that the trolley connects for the operating mechanism of your door. These are durable, require little maintenance, and have a noise level somewhere between that of a cable drive and a belt drive. They are also less prone to breaking because of their minimal parts.
  • Wall mount opener: These are the latest in garage door technology. Instead of a trolley and opener mounted 2 feet below your garage door, you just have the opener on the side of your door. This frees up the vertical space of your garage and is a great option if you have high ceilings. These are going to be the most expensive opener on the market but comes loaded with features and the quiet belt operation.

Pick The Right Opener

If you want something that is cost effective and durable, then go with a chain drive. If you have a room directly above your garage, go with the belt drive opener. Your guest will thank you when they aren’t stumbling around all sleep deprived from being jolted awake by your loud garage door. If you want something more affordable but noise isn’t as big of a deal, say for a room that shares a wall with your garage, then go for the screw drive opener. Lastly, a wall mount opener is a good option for anyone who wants to open up the vertical space of your garage. Another time we see people going for this option is when they don’t have the 2 feet of clearance below their ceiling for all the parts in a traditional opener.

The Many Features Available on Garage Door Openers

It seems like openers are getting so advanced, you might be concerned they will take over your home. You can get anything from a basic and simple chain drive opener to a feature rich opener that you can sync to your car, along with the rest of your home. A feature we like is the MyQ app which allows you to open your door for a guests, be alerted when your kids get home from school, close the door if you forgot, and many other awesome things!

Call Us to Upgrade Your Opener

If you constantly worry that you left your garage door open, maybe it’s time to upgrade to an opener with the Timer-to-Close option so you no longer have to worry! If you want to upgrade or if your opener stopped working, give the  team at On Time Garage Doors a call and we can help you out!
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