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When it comes to garage doors, the team at On Time Garage Doors of the  area wants to show you why we are the perfect choice! We are your trusted company for reliable garage door service. We are able to service, repair, and install garage doors.

Do I Need a New Door?

There are times when we can replace one or two panels and you won’t have to purchase a whole new door. We can come out and take a look at the damage to see if a panel repair would be a good option for you.

If the damage extends beyond your panels or if you have more than two panels damaged, then we will recommend installing a new door. In these unexpected circumstances, it might be just the opportunity to upgrade to that fancy new door you have had you eye on for a while now. You might find all the new door options overwhelming but don’t worry because our knowledgeable staff is happy to walk you through everything.

Consider a New Garage Door if Yours Is Old

If you have a pretty old door, you might want to consider upgrading it even if it is not damaged. There have been many advances in the safety of garage doors and new laws put into place, which have effectively ended child deaths by garage door. If you are concerned about safety or the efficiency of your system, then consider having us install a new door for you.

All the New Door Options

When it comes to picking out a new door, it seems like the options are endless. The best place to start is figure out the style you like. There are a few styles that help us categorize our doors:

  • Traditional: These are your basic residential doors that go with the architecture of most homes. Because of this, you will see that they are the most popular option. They come in a few panel options, such as short panel or long panel, and recessed or raised panel. You can customize the color as well as window styles
  • Carriage House: These are all the rage right now with the popularity of that farmhouse look. These take that traditional carriage house door from the late 1800’s-early 1900’s and adds a modern twist. You can have the warm and rustic look of a carriage door but with the strength and durability of steel or vinyl.
  • Contemporary/Modern: These are generally a mixture of aluminum and glass in a variety of panel options for that truly modern look

After you find your style, determine what kind of material will work best for you and whether or not you need reinforced or insulated doors.

Call Us to Answer Your Questions

We can help walk you through the process and see what your needs are as well as send someone out to your home to measure your garage. On Time Garage Doors is excited to get you on your way to investing in the curb appeal of your home and get you that door you have been dreaming of! Just give our team in  a call at any time.

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